Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm good enough. I'm smart enough. And Cap'n Crunch is the bomb.

I have pretty high self esteem. I don't obsess about looks (although maybe it's time to if I don't want to live alone forever with 37 cats but that's another post). I think I'm smart. I think I'm funny.  I probably think I'm way funnier than anyone else does. I don't care if people don't like me but I do love it when people do.

I cannot believe how many people read my last blog and all the positive feedback I received. I guess I better step it up around here. Talking about accidentally getting drunk the treadmill isn't going to cut it any more. It's probably a good thing only 10 people read this thing usually because I doubt anything that profound will come out of my mouth/fingers for a while.

Sort of on the same subject, I get totally nerded out when famous people on Twitter reply to me or retweet me. Last week Derrick Ward* was talking about his favorite cereal and I tweeted him to let him know I agreed that Cap'n Crunch is the bomb and that people that disagreed were haters. (I have started saying the bomb a lot in the last few weeks. I have no idea why and I'm kind of ashamed.) He started following me which is totally freaking awesome! Most of my 154 followers are spambots.

*I'm super obsessed with the Texans. I've always been a huge fan but this year I'm totally obsessed, especially with reading stories and blogs from the national media. Maybe I need to blog about my football obsession next time. I won a signed Antonio Smith picture on Twitter too.  It'll go great next to my David Carr autographed picture [insert winky face emoticon here or maybe I need the vomit face].

Me and the Ninja

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Being an Aggie (aka The Longest Post I've Ever Made)

Last night I watched The Burning Desire, a documentary on the collapse of the Aggie Bonfire on November 18, 1999. (If you got here from somewhere other than my FB or Twitter and aren't familiar with Aggie Bonfire, you can read about it here:

I was a student at A&M in 1999. I woke up that Thursday morning to 17 messages on the answering machine checking on me, my roommate and my sister. I had no idea what was going on so I turned on the TV and then I watched news footage until I had class. And when my professors cancelled class, I went home and watched more news coverage. Twelve Aggies died that day in 1999 and Aggieland became a different place. I think I became a different person after that day too.

I had just turned 21 the week before. I was technically adult but a still a kid really. I had a job and was going to college (that my parents very nicely paid for). There weren't really any responsibilities. I hadn't really dealt with loss. I didn't personally know any of the people injured or killed in the collapse but I was consumed by grief. I couldn't stop reading or watching news about it for days. When they had removed all of the bodies (I really hate typing that but there isn't a nicer way to say what transpired) from the stack of logs, I went and walked around the perimeter of the Polo Fields where the logs were still laying in a heap. The orange construction fence was full of letters, pictures and flowers. I visited the flag pole in front of the Administration Building where another memorial sprung up. An Aggie left his Aggie ring with a note saying he wanted those who had died to wear it. Most of those killed were underclassmen that hadn't earned their own Aggie ring. Other people followed and left their rings where they stayed for a month before the university sent them back to their owners.

That story is just a glimpse of what kind of place Aggieland is. Not only did a current student leave a gold ring outside where anyone could have walked away with it, but others did as well. And they sat there for a month.

When I was a senior in high school I wanted to attend SMU. I wanted to work in the news industry, in tv or newspapers and SMU had a great journalism department. I was accepted and offered scholarships but when it came time to make a choice, I choose A&M. I didn't have any prior connection to A&M. I honestly didn't know that much about it, other than it was a good school and it was close to my parents house if I ever got homesick.

I think back now and I had no idea what I was getting into but it turned out to be the best decision I ever made. I made some bad choices in college. I took the long road to my degree. But every day I'm proud to be a Texas Aggie. Aggies have a saying: "From the outside looking in, you can't understand it. And from the inside looking out, you can't explain it" and it really is true. A lot of people think Aggies are cultish (we are) and stupid (we're not) and there is a reason a million Aggie jokes exist (they are funny).

I never lived on campus. I never worked on Bonfire and I wasn't really actively involved in a lot of the traditions while I was there. I loved my time there and as a Former Student (there are no ex-Aggies) I've become immersed in all things Aggie. I have the great fortune to make trips to College Station on a pretty regular basis. Most of my people I consider good friends now I met through an A&M message board years ago. To this day they are some of the best people I have ever met.

Being an Aggie is more than having a degree from Texas A&M University. The diploma, the ring and education are just a part of it. Being an Aggie is about being a good person, coming together when adversity strikes and making the world a better place. The world is a better place because Texas A&M exists and I'm a better person because I went to Texas A&M.

Bonfire was a tangible symbol of A&M's burning desire to "beat the hell outta t.u." and after it collapsed, the university deemed it unsafe and it no longer takes place on campus. Students took the initiative and began holding Bonfire off campus.

Tomorrow's game will be the last in a 117-year rivalry between the Aggies and the Longhorns. It's likely to come back in the future, but for now A&M is moving to a new conference next year and the heated battles will no longer take place in the arenas and stadiums and on Facebook between fans. I hope in the future it returns and I'm kind of sad tomorrow's game is the last. I'm hoping the Aggies get one last win before moving to the SEC. I hope the current students keep Bonfire alive. And I hope someone reads this whole long blog.

Tomorrow I'll be thankful for many things but mostly, I'll be thankful I'm a Texas Aggie.
My Aggie Ring 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'll just blame it on being lazy

Hi, neglected, sad blog. How are you? I'm doing well. Not much is happening in the world of lazy. I moved. Have I ever mentioned that I hate moving? Because I do. It sucks. I still feel out of sorts and it's been over a months. Work is pretty busy. I did get a fantastic performance review. I guess working late and on weekends for nine months paid off.

I'll try and come back soon with a great story to tell. for now, I just wanted you to know I didn't forget about you.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gray hair is an asshole

I know you were all waiting on me to update you on my gray hair situation. I decided to have it colored. My hair before was pretty light on the ends but it matches the color of my roots pretty closely.
It looks redder in the sun

It didn't cover 100% of the grey because apparently my gray hairs are assholes. She used a softer color (no ammonia  so that when it grows out I won't have a big line where it's colored. Which is perfect for the kind of person that goes a year in between haircuts. She suggested maybe adding some highlights so I might do that next time. Right now I'm too cheap to pay that much for covering up asshole hairs.

I apparently can't decide if I want to say "grey" or "gray" so I apologize for saying both and being confusing and possibly British.

Edit: I originally titled this "asshole gray hair" but decided that was gross and misleading.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lazy blogging: A random list of shit

  • I have a draft in my Blogger folder from March titled "Pictures of my cat" but there is nothing in the body so I have no idea what I was planning on posting. Well, obviously it was pictures of my cat but I don't know if the cats were doing something special or I was just bored. Probably the second one.
  • Speaking of animals, I love dogs but they are a lot of work. I don't think I'll ever be a dog owner. I'm dog/cat/house sitting right now for a friend. 
  • That friend has cable. I'm loving HBO and Showtime on Demand right now. Dexter is an awesome show. I'm almost caught up. I love likable bad guys.
  • Turns out people who get migraine with aura are more likely to have a stroke. So, no birth control pills for me ... not that I need them right now but whatever.
  • Earl grey tea is delicious. 
  • I really want an iPad. Maybe I can start a fund and a website: Hmm, maybe I need to find a URL that doesn't have "nip" in it.
  • My fortune cookie last week said I should write a book. I'm thinking about it; I just need a good idea. If I decide to do it, then I'll probably finish it in 2018. Check back then to read it.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's not nice to ask for my ID and then call me ma'am!

(Hmm, look at that. I started this entry on June 21 and never finished. It's only been two months since I updated. Oops. I spent the morning reading a couple of new blogs and decided I should come update my own. Apparently reading blogs is the key to writing them, for me at least. Now let's go on with the chlorophyll.)
I seemed to be trapped in some weird age where my skin thinks I'm 15 and my hair thinks I'm 60. There is something unfair about having gray hair and acne at the same time. They shouldn't even be allowed to exist on the same head.

I found my first gray hair when I was 20, so the gray hair doesn't really bother me. I think women who find them early just shrug it off. And apparently women who find their first gray at 30 do not. At least based on my Facebook friends list of people complaining about their first gray hair.

Not the best pic but you get the point.
Sometimes I think about coloring my hair to cover the gray. But then I remember that I go months between haircuts and decide I should just leave it alone. I don't really enjoy getting my haircut. I have to sit still and make small talk for 30 minutes or longer. I did like the guy that cut it last time, which was back in April. Maybe I should make an appointment and have it cut again. It's getting so long that I'm pulling it when I sit down. (Not because it's Crystal Gayle length or anything but because it's behind my back and when I move, it gets stuck between me and the chair.) --Let's see. I got mauled by a cougar, my Crystal Gayle shirt is ruined, and I didn't learn dick about driving. Other than that, it was great. -- What was I talking about?Oh, I have decided that if I start coloring it then I'll have to keep doing it and then I'll be poor and annoyed. So gray hair isn't so bad.

And seriously, what's with the acne? My skin wasn't this bad when I went through puberty or when I was in high school. I don't get it. Maybe it's pollution. Or just a mean trick my body is playing on me.

For some reason people have started calling me ma'am. Which is kind of funny to me and I'm not used to hearing it. I am 32 so I guess I am a ma'am but it's still weird. A couple of weeks ago we went to a bar in The Woodlands and the cop at the door asked for my ID. And then said "thank you, ma'am!"  after he checked my birth date. Ouch! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wait? You're supposed to use a cell phone to talk to people?

Oops, I kind of got lazy about blogging again. Sorry about that!  I'm sure all 13 of you are very sad. Here's a pretty boring blog to bring you out of your lack-of-updating depression.
I am not a big fan of talking on the phone. I prefer texting and email to communicate with people. I have an iPhone so it's easy to keep in touch with everyone. I knew I didn't use a lot of minutes because I have a huge amount of rollover minutes and I pay for the smallest amount of minutes that AT&T offers.

I was looking at my bill for last night and I noticed I used only one minute that wasn't mobile-to-mobile (I only used 12 of those probably talking to my mom or sister).

Pictures make the blog look cool, right?

I used quite a bit of data of course. It takes a lot of data to play Words with Friends all day and to stalk, I mean keep up with, people on Facebook.

My first cell phone plan back in 1998 only had 200 minutes. I guess most people go way over that now but I could easily go back to 200, or even 100. I have a home phone that I never use either. It rings every couple of days but it's never anyone I want to talk to. I only have it because when I set up my DSL, it was required. It'll come in handy if we have another hurricane and the cell towers are jammed for days like after Ike.

I apparently don't talk to that many people anyway. I have had this phone since the end of February and I still haven't put everyone's numbers in it. I added all of my family and maybe 15 other people. I should probably get around to that. I've gotten a couple of texts in the last week where I had to ask the person who they were. Maybe I'll get unlazy enough to do that this week.

Or not.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I doubt anyone missed me but I'm checking in just in case

My younger sister (who isn't that much younger than me so I try to never say little sister) had a baby last week. He's so precocious I want to kiss him to death. But I've been away from home since last Tuesday and I haven't even done laundry yet so I have clothes to wear to work tomorrow. I also haven't eaten dinner or unpacked my suitcase. I'm contemplating opening a bottle of wine. That would give me a reason to get off the couch. I've been sitting here without moving for at least three hours. If I get up, I suppose I could put some clothes in the washing machine since the Laundry Fairy is apparently just a figment of my imagination. Also, it's hot in here and I'm not sure the air conditioning is working.

I did however get my hair cut for the first time since like July of 2010 last week so I accomplished something in my absence. I'll leave you a picture of me pre-haircut but with a tiny baby. And I'll be back tomorrow to say something funny or witty or just plain stupid.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I can't promise this is going to be a funny post (unless you think fat people are funny)

You know what happens if you are lazy and eat whatever you want for a couple of years? Yeah, you get fat. Who knew, right? Someone should really tell people that.

The last few months of 2009 were the last time I was regularly in the gym. And I was doing great. I don't know what happened. It only takes a couple days of skipping the gym to get back into full sloth mode -- at least for me. I certainly wasn't thin back then, but I was working toward the goal of weighing less than a newborn elephant.

I was thin as a kid. I played outside and ran around and rode my bike all over the neighborhood. When I got into high school I was on the drill team for four years (insert embarrassing picture here). I wasn't fat but I was bigger than a lot of the girls I danced with. I certainly had a larger waist and "personality" than most of them. , I'm shaped more like an apple and carry weight mostly in my stomach and chest. Of course, when you weigh this much, it's pretty much everywhere.

The last time I weighed less than 200 pounds was probably 2008. I was going to the gym regularly and counting calories. I certainly wasn't skinny but I looked good. It makes me want to cry a little to see this picture now. Look how skinny my arm was! And that shirt wasn't from the plus size section. Ack!

Aggie Football game 2008

But I regressed into laziness and fatness once again. There aren't any excuses for this. Just me being lazy and liking to eat delicious food. This picture is from February. I think I see three chins. I don't have a wider shot to show you because like most people that get out of breath getting dressed in the morning, I avoid photos. You can certainly see the extra 50 pounds in my face though.
Feb 26, 2011 - BBQ Cookoff

Anyway, the point of this post wasn't to wallow in self pity but to talk about how I'm going to change it. Last week I unwrapped a Jillian Michaels DVD that someone gave me in December. Of 2009. Yeah, lazy.
Still in the plastic wrap

So, I'm working out. It's been a week and I've worked out three times. Definitely not as much as I should have, but I'm doing it. I know it'll help with lots of things, not just weight. I am sleeping terribly and grumpy and a little depressed. I think I might get a yoga DVD to do every other day. Jillian knows about getting in shape but she's a little too advanced for me right now. Plus I'd like to be able to touch my toes again.

It's kind of funny now to look back at what I thought was fat when I was in college. I had no idea. Dumb college kids!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Overheard in my office (and by overhead, I mean read in my email)

Background: I work at a graduate school in the admissions office and I've been working crazy hours for the last six months partly because our process is antiquated and it needs an update. We just started working on our new online application.

Paraphrased convo I had via email at work:
Coworker #1: Hey, could you two edit the newsletter draft this afternoon?
Me: I'm happy to take a look. I have a meeting about the new online app from 1-3 (YAY!) though so any time after that is good.
Coworker #2: Congrats on your meeting. I know you are excited.
Me: uhm, yeah. It's pretty much the most exciting thing going on in my life.

And I wasn't even kidding! How did I become such a freaking grown up?  Or a sad, sad individual depending on your point of view.

It's going to be a lot of work for some of my favorite people but it will be awesome when it's over. I seriously might do cartwheels down the hall when this is all finished. I just hope I don't break a hip and that no one video tapes it and puts it on YouTube because it's been about 15 years since I've done a cartwheel and no one needs to see that.

The only other semi-exciting thing going on is that one of my favorite bloggers, The Bloggess, chose my comment as the "comment of the day" yesterday. I debating even bringing this up because it's probably nerdy and lame to be as excited as I am, but then I remembered I am nerdy and lame and said fuck it. You can read my totally insightful, world-changing comment here.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Shocking news: People on the internet are weird

I love checking my blogger stats. It makes me feel loved if anyone reads it and that actually makes me want to update it more often. Maybe it's because I'm a middle child or maybe everyone feels the same way but I want people to like me. If they don't, that's cool too. But I find myself very funny and entertaining and want other people to feel the same way.

Lots of people get here from comments I make on other blogs (hi!) and from my twitter page because I post a link when I update this blog.

The stats page also shows if people searched on Google or another search engine and the phrases they used to get here. A couple of them make no sense. I am pretty sure I've never blogged about Depeche Mode but someone found this blog by googling it. I did have a dream about David Bowie a while back but I think that's the only music-related post on here.

Someone stumbled upon a post about me accidentally drinking vodka on the treadmill by searching "head hurt vodka." I hope they weren't looking for hangover remedies or explanations of why vodka makes your head hurt.

Sandpaper pedicure is actually a pretty popular search string that leads people here (to a post about how my cat licks my feet). I'm guessing people are looking for tips to get rid of calluses. I do not like feet so there is no way I'm going to google to find out.

I was going to post more about this but I got too lazy to finish.

UPDATE: Another thing people search is "overall jorts" which leads to a post about some awesomely dressed guys at an A&M football game. But if you put that into GIS now, it brings up my profile picture from this blog next to a picture of those guys. HILARIOUS!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yippee ki yay, motherf***kers! (Or how to enjoy Texas stereotypes)

I've lived in Texas my entire life, always within 100 miles of Houston. I listen to some country music and have ridden a horse a couple of times a few decades ago but I don't have big hair like the TV show Dallas circa 1983 or own a gun. In fact, I've never even shot a gun, so I'm not exactly what you'd call a country girl. But I absolutely love the BBQ Cookoff weekend that precedes the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo.

If you've stumbled upon this blog from somewhere other than stalking me personally, then you probably know very little about HLSR. It's basically a rodeo competition (bull riding, roping, barrel racing, etc) mixed with a carnival, art show, livestock show, craft fair, concerts and food. Lots and lots of food (turkey leg or deep fried Oreo anyone?). The rodeo is a huge three-week event in Houston and the main goal is to raise money for college scholarships. More than 24,000 people volunteer throughout the year to help facilitate the whole thing. (I was one of those 24,000 the past few years but I just couldn't swing it this year with work being so crazy and me being such a lazy ass. The first show is tonight and I know I'll miss a good time.)

The Friday before the rodeo starts is Go Texan Day and everyone in Houston is encouraged to dress up in their cowboy and cowgirl best. Now, prior to the being on the committee, I didn't own any western wear at all. I bought some boots and wear them with a pair of jeans and a button down. These boots are the most expensive shoes I own, by a long shot. But when you have to be on your feet for hours, you need something that's comfy. I always dress up for Go Texan Day because it's the only day of the year where I can wear jeans to work.

Anyway, the weekend before the rodeo starts is the World Championship Bar-B-Que Contest (referred to as "cookoff" by all the cool people) and it's basically a giant party. It's open to the public but really the only way to go is if you have access to a private party, which are held in giant tents. My awesome friend/Super Woman ReneĆ© is a sponsor for one of the cooking teams and a few years ago she invited all of us internet nerds to go with her. We pay a small fee and it includes all of the food and drinks we can handle in that tent. All of the money raised helps with scholarships so I like to call it "drinking for charity." ReneĆ© lives close to Reliant so several girls and I spend the weekend at her house. It's an insane amount of fun.

The cookoff is what I assume most people think Texas is like. I've never lived outside of Texas but I have come across many people that are from other states and countries in my 32 years and it's kind of funny to hear their ideas of what they expected Texas to be like. Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States, so no, we don't ride horses to work and school. Texas is a huge, diverse state so there are more "country" areas than Houston of course but it's still a very modern place.

Cookoff weekend is stereotypically Texas though. This year, a record-breaking 244,184 people were at the cookoff Thursday-Saturday wearing their cowboy hats, boots, giant belt buckles, turquoise jewelry and jeans. There is tons of yummy bbq to eat and beer and liquor to drink. And there is people watching galore. It is amazing what people will wear and what they will do after a couple of ribs and a few Miller Lites.

On Saturday we walked out to the public stage where they have concerts to see Cory Morrow (who should never, ever rap) and there were several girls wearing late 1980s style denim dresses. No ma'am! And then there were the bumpits .
Bump, bump, bump it up!

There is also ample opportunity to drink too much and act silly. Luckily for me I wasn't on designated driver duty. This picture is from Saturday night. The tent we were in ran out of beer. So, I'm drinking bourbon and vodka (not mixed together but with water in each. Our friend Kristen drove down from Ft. Worth this year to go with us and she at one point decided she didn't want to hold two cups, so she poured the bourbon and water into the vodka and water. She said on Sunday that was a bad idea. No shit?)  I added a retro theme to this picture to cover up the fact that I'm swearing profusely. The last few years it has been freezing-ass cold during cookoff weekend. This year the weather was awesome but it was humid like only Houston can do humid.
Bottoms up, bottoms up!
If you ever have the opportunity to go to the cookoff, DO IT! And make sure to wear comfy shoes, take a camera (I took like 3 pictures with my iphone. I'm not a good cameraman. The other girls took some pictures but haven't sent them/posted them on Facebook yet) and be prepared to wash your hair 30 times to get rid of the BBQ smoke smell. After washing my hair three times, it still smells like a mixture of smoke and coconut shampoo.

Monday, February 21, 2011

My cat is an asshole

I'm the kind of person that talks a lot. I think that's why I love social media so much. I have opinions on everything, including what you had for lunch and what yo

Anyway, I live alone and sometimes I talk to my cats, especially Pan, because he does annoying stuff. I hope my neighbors don't think I have a kid or they are going to call CPS. Things I've said to Pan in the last few days:

"I will punch you in the face if you don't sit down or go away."
"Why are you such an asshole?"
"Stop smelling her butt"
"Shut up or I'll open the front door and kick you out"

Pan can be rather obnoxious. He drinks out of the toilet, messing with the blinds in the window, meows all the time, headbutts me when I'm not paying him enough attention and rips open the bread bag if I leave it out. But he's loving and cuddly and I wouldn't really punch him in the face.

As I was typing this, he crawled into my lap and is now purring.

My other cat, Katana, thinks he's an asshole too. He'll walk by and she'll just slap him in the back of the head.  This picture pretty much shows how she feels:
Say Uncle

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Not even a prehistoric fish eating a detached penis could save this piece of shit

Normally I type a bunch of crap no one cares about and then I give the blog posting a title. But last night I was making a list of things I might want to talk about on my iPod and I remembered we watched the worst movie EVER a couple weekends ago: Piranha 3D (which wasn't in 3D at the house but that would have probably made it even worse). So today, I started with the title and let me tell you, nothing could save this piece of shit.

My mom has always loved horror movies and my sisters and I were allowed to watch all kinds horror movies as kids. From black and white giant ants to Johnny Deep's blood, guts  and TV shooting out of a bed in Nightmare on Elm Street (awesome clip here)  my childhood is full of horror movie memories. One of the ones we watched any time it was on TV was 1978's Piranha. Flesh eating fish that kill people and ruin summer vacations? Sign me up!

I did a search to find out when Piranha was released and came across a trailer on youtube. Considering I was born in 1978, I didn't see the trailer or the movie when it was released and it certainly didn't get better with age but it's at the same time it's totally awesome. This line pretty much sums up the whole movie "they were unleashed into America’s waterways to turn quiet streams into rivers of living death." Uhm, fuck yeah!

Since no one has any original movie ideas any more, Piranha was remade and stars Elisabeth Shue, Jerry O'Connell, Ving Rhames, the non-vampire guy from Vampire Diaries whose name I don't know but is Steve McQueen's grandson and a bunch of  other familiar faces. Even Richard Dreyfuss and Christopher Lloyd have small parts.

We watch a lot of movies when I spend time with my sisters and we for sure wanted to see this one if only to relive a piece of our childhood. And it wasn't available for rent yet on the Apple TV my sister and brother in law are now the proud owners of it. Oops.

It was for sure the worst movie ever. I can totally handle gratuitous nudity and violence but that's all this movie had. The plot was stupid,  the places where they put "cool" stuff to make it look good in 3D were dumb, and fish weren't even cool. The fish were living in a cave underwater and are thought to be extinct until an earthquake opens up the cave and they all escape into the lake. Everyone was naked. The fish attacked a big breasted girl and her implants just floated away. Apparently man-eating fish are not a fan of fake tits.

I think my sister's comment "This is like Jaws, but not good" pretty much sums it up.

(I guess I should put spoiler alert for anyone that stumbles across this blood looking for a review so SPOILER ALERT. Although the blog title will give this part away.)

Jerry O'Connell basically plays Joe Francis and gets partially eaten while on a boat filming two naked chicks swimming. He is barely alive with no legs or arms they pull him out of the water for a bit. I forget exactly what happens but he gets back into the water and his penis is severed and floating. In the media room at my sister's house this penis was about two feet long. I imagine at the theater is was people-sized and floating toward you in 3D. And then a giant prehistoric piranha jumps up and eats the penis.Yes, I just said "eats the penis."

It wasn't funny bad, it was just bad. It was worse than any Jennifer Lopez movie I've ever seen. And I hate Jennifer Lopez movies.* (Asterisk added because I do love Selena but it's the only good J-Lo movie I've ever seen.)

On the other hand we watched Secretariat and Easy A which were both very good movies. I thought Easy A looked kind of dumb but it was funny and entertaining .And of course Secretariat made me cry because Disney is full of sadists. About three minutes into the movie I was like "uhm, are we supposed to be crying already?" but it was an excellent film.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Hi, my name is Karen, and I'm addicted to Facebook

I decided to take a week off from "social networking" after a friend of mine posted on Facebook on New Year's Eve that she was going to take a month off of Facebook and she'd see us in a month. She made it 26 days before signing back on. I don't know if she felt like she failed but I found it pretty impressive she made it that long.

I spend way too much time on the internet, reading Facebook, posting on message boards, tweeting and even playing several games on Facebook.

I obviously didn't count this blog as part of my social network since I'm here. I did count all message boards, Facebook and Twitter. Email, Googling and blogs are all allowed. I posted a message on my FB wall on Saturday letting everyone know I'd be gone. I'm sure some of my "friends" think it was kind of an attention whore thing to do but I'm online a lot. And after being a way a couple of days of not posting, people start asking me what's going on. Which pretty much proves my point that I spend too much time on there!

I signed off around 7 p.m. Saturday night and I've easily found other things to do. (Maybe this experiment will finally get me blogging regularly?) I spent more time working, more time hanging out with my family and more time reading. I also did some online shopping at today. I'm not sure if that's a plus or a minus yet.

It's kind of sad how much time I spend on those things. And how connected I am. I went ahead and turned off all notifications from Facebook and deleted the app from my phone. Maybe that will also help my phone from committing suicide. It's got a date with an executioner scheduled on February 25 and I can't let it go until  then.

As of day two, I consider it a success. We'll see how I feel tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have something more interesting to talk about.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I might be the most boring person on Earth

I sometimes have really good ideas for blog posts but they usually occur while I'm driving or about to fall asleep so then when I do sit down and think "I should blog" I have nothing to share.  This is another one of those times.

I spent the day in bed with a migraine. I haven't had one this bad in a long time. It still hurts but a lot less and I had to get out of the bed or there was no way I'd be able to sleep tonight. I haven't been to the doctor in months so I have no Imitrex to take. I self medicated with Alleve at 8 this morning. And then took some more and drank some coffee around 3:30. I should probably eat something as well but the sleeping cat in my lap doesn't look like he wants to be disturbed.

Holy crap daytime TV sucks. I am actually looking forward to the local news at 5.

Speaking of news, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was moved to Houston last week and there have been 10 news trucks lined up on the street where my parking garage is at work. I've been keeping an eye out for Bill Weir so I can stalk him, but no suck luck. I haven't seen anyone famous but I'll keep looking.

Yeah, I guess that about sums up everything that is going on. I really am boring. I'm still working crazy hours but I think the end is in sight. The deadline for applicants to apply is February 1. I'll probably work some this weekend since I was out today but then it should be almost back to normal.

When I'm not at work, I'm pretty much reading my Kindle that I got for my birthday. It's nonstop fun around here :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I need a witty title to go here but, eh, fuck it, I'm too lazy

I've actually spent the last three plus months working more than 40 hours a week so maybe it's not so much laziness as being preoccupied. Work was overwhelming. I don't know how people can be workaholics. I did what had to be done but I wanted it to END! It's almost back normal, I think. Anyway, I certainly had time to type up a funny story or an eloquent musing. Of course, I'm not sure I have ever had/typed an eloquent musing but that's not really the point.

It's 2011 and it's been more than two months since I've graced all three of you Lazy Blog readers with my insightful thoughts on life and laziness. I'm hoping this year bring some good things for me. For the past five years or so, I haven't had anything to say when people ask what is new with me. Nothing is new. I have the same job, the same car, the same single status, the same two cats. The only thing that's been new is the pounds I put on but that's not a very exciting update, especially since they can see that with their own eyes. I guess I need to counteract that by losing a couple pounds or 100. I'm not sure why I've gotten so complacent about my weight but I know I need to do something about it. However, I don't really feel like talking about it right now so on to other things.

Ack! I just realized I need to update my Blogger profile. I am no longer 31. (This post is very stream of consciousness, maybe more so than my normal postings.)

I don't make new years resolutions because I suck at sticking with things but I do have a few ideas of things I want to change. I want to spend more time with the people that are important to me. I haven't seen some of my good friends in months and they are less than 50 miles from me. That is ridiculous.

I also want to stop spending so much money on food, especially buying lunch during the week. That will help save money and cut back on calories. I have made it two days and stuck with it. Only 363 more to go! I actually set a goal of bringing my lunch four days a week. I think that is a reasonable goal and still allows some flexibility when that Chick-fil-A craving hits.

And like always, I want to spend more time writing on this blog or maybe writing some short stories or fictional stuff. I read 73 books last year so I obviously have some free time. I think of some very funny and interesting things to share when I'm laying awake at night unable to fall asleep. I need to put those to good use. (I often have trouble with lay/lie but I'm too lazy to look it up right. I very rarely edit my blog posts. I just type and hit submit which considering other people's grammar mistakes bother me, is kind of dumb but whatever.)

I really think 2011 is going to be a good year. If not, I'll probably read 80 books this time around.