Friday, September 24, 2010

It's not often you get to use the phrase "overall jorts"

Not much going on in the world of lazy.

I'm working a lot more since my coworker retired on August 31. The position finally got posted this week so hopefully soon I'll have some help. Right now the workload is manageable but very quickly it's going to get out of control. After her retirement, I'm the person in my department with the most seniority. That's weird. Of course, the fact that I'm an adult is still weird to me!

I quit my second job (again). I do love working with Kasey and of course the money, but between the extra hours at work and all the fun stuff I want to do on the weekend, I decided it was time to quit.

Football season is upon us and so far my teams are 3-0 (Aggies) and 2-0 (Texans). It's kind of a nice change to have winning records even if it's so early in the season and both of last week's games almost gave me a heart attack.

My friend Eilene and I went to College Station for the Aggie game. We did some tailgating. Oh my god, that reminds me ...

Two guys, two pairs overall jorts, one rolling cooler

I love these two guys. They were both sporting cutoff overall jorts that had been painted with various Aggie-themed sayings like "gig 'em" and "redass" and they wore them with pride. They were shirtless, boot-wearing, overall jort loving guys. They waved as they walked by with their cooler.

Sunday I watched football all day. The Texans beat the Redskins in a crazy come from behind overtime game. I was yelling at my TV a lot that day.

but it certainly helps 

Monday, September 6, 2010

One more dead flower post

After weeks of obsessing over the corpse flower, it was time for it to be repotted and returned into the museum greenhouse. The museum had a lottery and chose 25 people to come to an event where they'd do the repotting. I got lucky and was selected.

When Erin at the museum sent the email informing me I'd been picked, she included instructions and a line about how they'd be filming a documentary.

If I'd written this three weeks ago when the repotting took place, it would be full of details and maybe some pictures. Right now I'm lazy and time made it seem less important. Plus, no one reads this blog anyway :)

But what is important is that Erin asked if I'd mind being interviewed for the documentary. Of course I said yes, even though I was sure I'd say something extremely stupid or do the dolphin laugh. I'm sure I did both.

When I told the girls I'd done the interview, Kristen said "you're going to be nerd famous" and I still laugh at it.

Zac, Lois' horticulturist buddy, is having a lecture on Wednesday and they'll be selling the documentary then. I'll be at the Outback with my family but I guess I should get my hands on a copy.