Monday, September 6, 2010

One more dead flower post

After weeks of obsessing over the corpse flower, it was time for it to be repotted and returned into the museum greenhouse. The museum had a lottery and chose 25 people to come to an event where they'd do the repotting. I got lucky and was selected.

When Erin at the museum sent the email informing me I'd been picked, she included instructions and a line about how they'd be filming a documentary.

If I'd written this three weeks ago when the repotting took place, it would be full of details and maybe some pictures. Right now I'm lazy and time made it seem less important. Plus, no one reads this blog anyway :)

But what is important is that Erin asked if I'd mind being interviewed for the documentary. Of course I said yes, even though I was sure I'd say something extremely stupid or do the dolphin laugh. I'm sure I did both.

When I told the girls I'd done the interview, Kristen said "you're going to be nerd famous" and I still laugh at it.

Zac, Lois' horticulturist buddy, is having a lecture on Wednesday and they'll be selling the documentary then. I'll be at the Outback with my family but I guess I should get my hands on a copy.

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