Monday, January 4, 2010

Ahhh, it's a new year

And so far, the same old me.

I've spent the last three weeks with my family. My older sister, her husband and their three kids are here on vacation from Japan. Sadly they must fly back on Wednesday.

We've had a great time though and I've pretty much neglected any routine I had prior to their visit. I'm even going days without checking my email. Which is WEIRD for me. Normally the phone or computer is always in my hand.

I went back to work today but as you can see, I'm not really that motivated to do much work. I'm hoping before tomorrow the motivation fairy shows up.

Here are some pictures from the last three weeks since words are hard right now and pictures are easy.

New Year's Eve in the limo

Check out my sweet hat

At Baker St in The Woodlands