Sunday, May 1, 2011

I doubt anyone missed me but I'm checking in just in case

My younger sister (who isn't that much younger than me so I try to never say little sister) had a baby last week. He's so precocious I want to kiss him to death. But I've been away from home since last Tuesday and I haven't even done laundry yet so I have clothes to wear to work tomorrow. I also haven't eaten dinner or unpacked my suitcase. I'm contemplating opening a bottle of wine. That would give me a reason to get off the couch. I've been sitting here without moving for at least three hours. If I get up, I suppose I could put some clothes in the washing machine since the Laundry Fairy is apparently just a figment of my imagination. Also, it's hot in here and I'm not sure the air conditioning is working.

I did however get my hair cut for the first time since like July of 2010 last week so I accomplished something in my absence. I'll leave you a picture of me pre-haircut but with a tiny baby. And I'll be back tomorrow to say something funny or witty or just plain stupid.

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