Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wait? You're supposed to use a cell phone to talk to people?

Oops, I kind of got lazy about blogging again. Sorry about that!  I'm sure all 13 of you are very sad. Here's a pretty boring blog to bring you out of your lack-of-updating depression.
I am not a big fan of talking on the phone. I prefer texting and email to communicate with people. I have an iPhone so it's easy to keep in touch with everyone. I knew I didn't use a lot of minutes because I have a huge amount of rollover minutes and I pay for the smallest amount of minutes that AT&T offers.

I was looking at my bill for last night and I noticed I used only one minute that wasn't mobile-to-mobile (I only used 12 of those probably talking to my mom or sister).

Pictures make the blog look cool, right?

I used quite a bit of data of course. It takes a lot of data to play Words with Friends all day and to stalk, I mean keep up with, people on Facebook.

My first cell phone plan back in 1998 only had 200 minutes. I guess most people go way over that now but I could easily go back to 200, or even 100. I have a home phone that I never use either. It rings every couple of days but it's never anyone I want to talk to. I only have it because when I set up my DSL, it was required. It'll come in handy if we have another hurricane and the cell towers are jammed for days like after Ike.

I apparently don't talk to that many people anyway. I have had this phone since the end of February and I still haven't put everyone's numbers in it. I added all of my family and maybe 15 other people. I should probably get around to that. I've gotten a couple of texts in the last week where I had to ask the person who they were. Maybe I'll get unlazy enough to do that this week.

Or not.

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