Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lazy blogging: A random list of shit

  • I have a draft in my Blogger folder from March titled "Pictures of my cat" but there is nothing in the body so I have no idea what I was planning on posting. Well, obviously it was pictures of my cat but I don't know if the cats were doing something special or I was just bored. Probably the second one.
  • Speaking of animals, I love dogs but they are a lot of work. I don't think I'll ever be a dog owner. I'm dog/cat/house sitting right now for a friend. 
  • That friend has cable. I'm loving HBO and Showtime on Demand right now. Dexter is an awesome show. I'm almost caught up. I love likable bad guys.
  • Turns out people who get migraine with aura are more likely to have a stroke. So, no birth control pills for me ... not that I need them right now but whatever.
  • Earl grey tea is delicious. 
  • I really want an iPad. Maybe I can start a fund and a website: www.buykarenanipad.com. Hmm, maybe I need to find a URL that doesn't have "nip" in it.
  • My fortune cookie last week said I should write a book. I'm thinking about it; I just need a good idea. If I decide to do it, then I'll probably finish it in 2018. Check back then to read it.

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