Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gray hair is an asshole

I know you were all waiting on me to update you on my gray hair situation. I decided to have it colored. My hair before was pretty light on the ends but it matches the color of my roots pretty closely.
It looks redder in the sun

It didn't cover 100% of the grey because apparently my gray hairs are assholes. She used a softer color (no ammonia  so that when it grows out I won't have a big line where it's colored. Which is perfect for the kind of person that goes a year in between haircuts. She suggested maybe adding some highlights so I might do that next time. Right now I'm too cheap to pay that much for covering up asshole hairs.

I apparently can't decide if I want to say "grey" or "gray" so I apologize for saying both and being confusing and possibly British.

Edit: I originally titled this "asshole gray hair" but decided that was gross and misleading.


  1. I must say, it probably is a good thing you changed the title - eww.

    I don't know what your hair looked like before but I think it loooks fantastic now - not an asshole gray hair in sight!

  2. I guess I should follow the world's laziest blogger cuz I am the world's laziest blog follower! LOL....We can meet up twice a year and talk! ..Nice to meet ya in Houston! I'm in the Dallas Area....IT IS HOT!!! later...T:)

  3. Thanks Vesta! :)

    T: It's so hot! One day this month it wasn't 100 and then two days later we broke the record for highest temp ever recorded in H-town. I hate cold weather but I'm actually looking forward to it this year!

  4. Oh man. Grey hairs ARE assholes. It looks like you and I have similar hair in that it's dark-colored and thick. My grey hairs are SPARKLY! So they TWINKLE in the sunlight. ::facepalm::

  5. They are like Forks vampire hairs! (yes, I'm a nerd)