Friday, March 11, 2011

Shocking news: People on the internet are weird

I love checking my blogger stats. It makes me feel loved if anyone reads it and that actually makes me want to update it more often. Maybe it's because I'm a middle child or maybe everyone feels the same way but I want people to like me. If they don't, that's cool too. But I find myself very funny and entertaining and want other people to feel the same way.

Lots of people get here from comments I make on other blogs (hi!) and from my twitter page because I post a link when I update this blog.

The stats page also shows if people searched on Google or another search engine and the phrases they used to get here. A couple of them make no sense. I am pretty sure I've never blogged about Depeche Mode but someone found this blog by googling it. I did have a dream about David Bowie a while back but I think that's the only music-related post on here.

Someone stumbled upon a post about me accidentally drinking vodka on the treadmill by searching "head hurt vodka." I hope they weren't looking for hangover remedies or explanations of why vodka makes your head hurt.

Sandpaper pedicure is actually a pretty popular search string that leads people here (to a post about how my cat licks my feet). I'm guessing people are looking for tips to get rid of calluses. I do not like feet so there is no way I'm going to google to find out.

I was going to post more about this but I got too lazy to finish.

UPDATE: Another thing people search is "overall jorts" which leads to a post about some awesomely dressed guys at an A&M football game. But if you put that into GIS now, it brings up my profile picture from this blog next to a picture of those guys. HILARIOUS!


  1. Hi! Hope you're not working too much these days!

  2. Got here from a comment.
    I love keyword results, too. I have had some true weirdo searches get to me, including "Charlie Sheen is batshit crazy", which maybe shows up on the 15th google page for that search, by now likely the 85th, and...anyway, I'm gonna look around a bit and read up. ;)

  3. I'm going to google that now!

  4. I got here from a comment too! I'm always looking for new blogs to read, it's so much fun to read what is going on in other people's minds/lives. I haven't tried the google search thing though, will have to give it a go and see where it takes me :)

    PS - Nice to meet you!

  5. Hi Jenn! Thanks for stopping by. I'll try not to bore you to death. And I agree. Other people's blogs are very entertaining.

  6. I love the "head hurt vodka". I imagine someone who is too drunk to even properly search something, but hoping for a solution, and then ending up at your blog and just being really confused.

  7. It sounds like some of the emails i used to get when I worked with international students at work. Well, without the vodka anyway.

  8. I wish I could say I got here from a really cool Google search like "what happens when Depeche Mode sells sandpaper pedicures with head hurt vodka shots" ... but sadly ... it was from a comment. I'll try harder next time!!

  9. I can beat any fucked up search term you've had. Last week someone googled "daddy wipes my pussy after I pee," and found my blog. I have never written anything remotely close to that and have no fucking idea why google is fucking with me like this. I feel dirty.

    However, "brain cancer jokes" is a popular one to lead to my blog and that one makes way more sense.

    Still, who is looking up brain cancer jokes? Kinda fucked up.

  10. Got here from The Bloggess. You are amusing. ;-)

  11. I love this. 3 people arrived at my blog about living in la and celebrites by searching truth and legal... really? whose searching truth and legal together? also, when I did it, I was 10 pages in. WTF? why are they trolling 10 pages in?

    I also got here from Bloggess, whom I just discovered and now adore. Both the Blogess and the community.

  12. Brooke: WTF? I don't even know what to say about that one. And I'd like to think that the people who are googling cancer jokes are probably the ones with the canser.

    Thanks guys! The Bloggess cracks me up A LOT. I hope I'm 1/500 as funny as she is.