Monday, July 27, 2009

Sandpaper pedicure

Can someone explain to me why my cat likes to lick my feet? Because Katanna does. And if I move my foot under the blanket to make her stop, she crawls under there and continues licking. Anyone that knows me very well knows I hate feet. HATE.THEM. So the fact that she likes licking them grosses me out. Even more than the fact that she licks her own butt. But not as much as the fact that if she barfs, Pan will try to eat it before I can grab paper towels to clean it up.

And while I’m on the subject …when do you know you’re a crazy cat lady? Do the old women with 30 cats living in their house know they are crazy cat ladies? Or are they in denial. I joke around that I have a crazy cat lady starter kit, but what if the people laughing when I say that are just laughing AT me and not WITH me. I might be a few Facebook photos uploaded away from owning fuzzy sweaters with pictures of cats chasing yarn on them and no one has told me.

1 comment:

  1. You're not the crazy cat lady until you wear pink fuzzy outfits and have collectible kitty plates covering every inch of your walls.