Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Memories, misty water colored ... (see, I have a problem) ..

I'm going to Atlanta next week to visit some amazing people and it turns out they have Orange Juliuses (Juli?) there. Back when you could only get Chick-fil-A at the mall food court, there was an Orange Julius a couple of stalls down at the mall we frequented. (Willowbrook Mall was the only one close, so that's where we went. Nothing was really close to Magnolia).

If you aren't familiar with Orange Julius, it's basically a smoothie place. Think Jamba Juice but in the 1980s. Their famous drink is made from orange juice, ice and the eyelashes of a unicorn. OK, so I don't know what is in it. I do know that it was delicious. I'm not sure when OJ left Willowbrook Mall but it's been a very long time. So I'm really looking foward to stopping in for one. I wonder if the people who run OJ and the Coffee Bean get pissed off any time they see someone holding a Jamba Juice cup or a Starbucks' Frappucino.
I kind of wonder though, if it'll be as good as I remeber or if it'll taint the awesome memories I have of the mall food court and it's delicious concoction. Seeing New Kids on the Block did not taint the memories of the Astrodome 1990 show. I just made some great new memories involving NKOTB. Good company goes a long way, so I think that even if the drink isn't as good as I remember, something memorable and meaningful will happen.


  1. We ARE going see something memorable and meaningful- a freaking UNICORN!

    And I located the nearest Orange Julius!

  2. Dude, orange julius is tasty... we have one here! I have a recipe to make one at home too.

  3. Finally something you all have outside of Texas that I'm jealous of ;)