Thursday, July 8, 2010

Random ramblings

I'm trying to illegally watch Dexter Season 4 on the internet and I found it on some website that limits how much you can watch per day. So, I'm currently waiting 41 minutes to finish episode 4. Purchasing the rest of the episodes on iTunes is starting to sound like a good plan.

I've been reading a lot of blogs lately and I'm totally jealous how awesome they are. But you know what, the bloggers actually update their shit. I know, crazy, huh? So, here I am. With nothing to offer.

Not much else going on in the world of lazy. Except I might have to burn my upstairs neighbors apartment down (yes, I know what will happen if I do. It's a figure of speech. Maybe). A woman that weighs about 110 pounds and a little girl that can't be more than 2 live above me. And they are some noisy motherfuckers. I don't even know how they can be so loud. Before I saw who moved in above me, I as convinced a really fat guy moved in. Nope! They stomp until after midnight. I'm usually awake but it's still really annoying. Don't little kids need sleep?


  1. A friend of mine just gave up cable (!!!) and watches everything on the web or with Netflix. He's a total Dexter addict, but he has a friend who has all the DVDs, so he's in the borrowing stage right now. That's what you need. Someone who paid all the money and doesn't mind if you borrow for free :)

    Sorry about the upstairs neighbors. That's why I always rented apartments on the second or third floor. I pity those who lived below me, as I haven't been 110 lbs since the fifth grade.

  2. Wait, doesn't Hulu have shows like Dexter? If not, I've been living a lie. (but have never actually used Hulu since I pay an arm and an ovary for TV). Also, I have a friend whose last name is Katana. Coincidence that your cat is also named Katana? Who knows. Except that it might mean we should be friends.

  3. I don't think I know a Gretchen. But hmmm. She came from the shelter with the name Katana. It's a pretty name though!