Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Some people don't know what express means

I am a neglectful blogger. I have had a post to share in my head for about 4 days and it's just not being written. Oops!

I went to the grocery store last week to pick up two things: cat food and toilet paper. I try to avoid doing much shopping at the Kroger near me because it's always busy and I hate waiting in line for an hour. Plus it's not the most inexpensive store.

It's on the way home so I ran in to get my two items and decided that the express lane with two customers in it was a better choice than the Self checkout line with 10 people in it(4 registers). In general, people are too stupid to check themselves out.

So, the lady at the front of the line has more than 10 items. I personally think that should be a felony but grocery store managers and owners do not want to piss customers off so they never tell these inconsiderate assholes that they need to get in another line. Oh, and by the way, if you have 30 jars of baby food or 100 cans of dog food, they don't count as one item.

I've already committed to this lane and getting into another one always turns out to be a very bad decision, so I just wait. I read the covers of all the magazines and learn more than I wanted to know about Jon Gosselin (From Jon & Kate Plus 8). At this point, it's been like 4 minutes. Which is an eternity once you notice the Item Limit Felon is ahead of you.

The cashier finally gets all of her stuff rung up and the the lady pulls out a wad of cash. And counts it out. Slowly. And hands it to the cashier. The cashier counts it. And then the lady has a balance. Instead of getting her other form of payment ready, the lady watches the cashier count out the stack of bills and just stands there. She finally looks for a card in her wallet when the cashier tells her the remaining total. She uses a credit card to pay the rest. ARGH!!! So now we have to wait for the receipt to print out so she can sign it.

It's a really good thing I am afraid of confrontation because this lady was about to make me homicidal!

It's now time for a grocery shopping trip and I hope for everyone's sake, that no one makes me angry tonight!

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